Solixtion Technology has been established by experts who always try to understand principled, honest and innovative clients’ wishes precisely; who have taken part in different sectors’ hundreds of processes and who know these sectors truly.
With the experience we have gained from the projects we have completed in many fields such as health, high technology, electronics, food, finance and production, our experts who know the needs in depth can easily understand and respond to what customers want. Although we are a new company, we wish to gain the trust of our customers with our strong references.


We always want to continue our way without compromising in a quality way with innovative and solid steps. We have a dream of being a startup which change the technology world, not a temporary one. We also accept the responsibility for creating rational solutions while producing technology projects.


We aim to play in the big leagues in the long run and it is among our most important targets.
“However brilliant an action it should not be esteemed great unless the result of a great motive.”
La Rochefoucauld


We believe that being a new startup is an advantage for us to rise in the blue ocean rapidly. With years of experience, we can easily see the gaps in technology. Thanks to the fact that we have no limits other than honesty and quality, we aim to produce great solutions for these gaps.


As Solixtion Technology, we have extensive references and knowledge especially in software projects and infrastructure (system room, server, cabled or wireless networks) projects. We just want to make projects in the fields we are experts in; and, we avoid to enter all the fields and produce poor quality projects.

RD Timesheet

R&D centralized personnel tracking system is a web-based application where you can easily manage weekly employee working schedules and external task forms that you must inform officially in R & D projects. The application automatically receives the Employee Attendance Check System entries of the staff from the database and directs them to the required forms.

Production and Andon Management System

Solix Andon is a very flexible web-based system that you can run on all end-point devices (it is appropriate for pc, notebook, tablet, kiosk, smart TV, Raspberry Pi and all android devices, also it can be worked even in an hour...) without any PLC installment.

Server Maintenance & Virtualization

Server installation, management, maintenance and support. Virtualization, disaster recovery applications, backup solutions. Business continuity solutions.

IoT & BMS Systems

IoT applications. Data monitoring, Industrial logging solutions. Security solutions. Building automation systems.

Web & Mobil Application

Corporate website. Web applications and services. Responsive web site designs which are compatible with mobile. Graphic and logo designs.

Software Development

Software Development, we develop web site, desktop application and mobile application software projects for your company in line with the activity field and needs of our valued customers.

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If you want to learn more information about our services, please contact us to discuss with our experts. Your call will be answered by our experts during working hours.

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Our working hours are between 09:00 - 18:00 on weekdays.


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