Andon System

Andon Call System / Instant Production Performance Data / Production and Resource Loss Management

Solix Andon is a very flexible web-based system that you can run on all end-point devices (it is appropriate for pc, notebook, tablet, kiosk, smart TV, Raspberry Pi and all android devices, also it can be worked even in an hour...) without any PLC installment.

Management Screen
Management Screen


Production Unit LCD Screen
Üretim iş birimi Andon ekranı

Call Buttons
Andon çağrı oluşturma ekranları

Possibility for the usage of virtual call buttons on industrial touch screens (IP65) and Rugged tablets. Function to create Call alarm by selecting cell and station number, and function to create red alarm when there is a delay in the time you defined as parametrically after the call alarm.

Monitor Screen to Follow All the Alarms Instantly.

Alarm Monitor Screen
Özel alanlar için toplu çağrı izleme ekranları

Possibility to Follow all the Calls Collectively in areas such as Supermarket, Repair, Quality Control.

Light and Audio Towers
İş birimleri ışık kuleleri

Customized report screens for the management unit.

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